Din Tai Fung 

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Location:  Pacific Place, Seattle, WA

Architect: Chin-Ley/Reche Associates

Date: Summer 2017


“Flip-up”, pivoting, main entry door. 8 feet wide by 10 feet tall, the main entry door flips up on pivots on either side of door. Larger portion of door swings inwards.

Glass & blackened steel private dining partitions and entries. Three sets of steel-framed, glass sliding doors along with stationary partition screens and upper windows.

Blackened steel “cage” light fixtures fabricated from 1/4″ round rod. Cladding at storefront, above windows, and on vertical mullions between windows. AE also fabricated the blackened steel support frames for booth lighting; the bar guardrail; the guardrails at stairs & mezzanine; and the L-shaped trim at the mezzanine edge.

All steel blackened and protected with black wax.

In Production

Technical Drawings