9th & Thomas 

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Location:  South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

Date: Winter 2017


“Floating” feature stair with two landings. Lower landing large enough to accommodate DJ equipment. Woven wire mesh guardrails at stair and bridge on L2. Simple handrails with custom standoff brackets on stair and east lobby entrance.

Stringers & perimeter constructed from 1.5″ hot rolled steel plate; treads & risers from 3/8″ plate; inside guardrail from 1/2″ plate; narrow sections inside guardrail and support members under landings from 2″ plate; landing surfaces from 5/8″ plate.

All welds left visible, except on handrails. Stair left mill finished and protected with oil, handrails and wire mesh in guardrails blackened and protected with oil. Reclaimed wood treads & nosings by others.

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Technical Drawings