HBSS Stair 

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Drafting, fabrication, & installation of Feature Staircase. Stair assembly of three flights of steps with two landings between the 20th to 21nd floors. The staircase was built in modular sections that fit in the freight elevator for assembly on site. 

The first flight is 7 feet wide across the lowest step, tapering up the steps to 4’6″ at the first landing. The stair makes a 90 degree turn to the left with a 4’6″ wide second flight of steps. Turning to the right at the second landing, the final flight expands from 4’6″ wide to 7 feet wide at the 21st floor. Stringers fabricated from 5/8″ steel plate on the inside and 3/8″ plate on the outside, both 12″ tall. Stringers designed to accommodate 9/16″ tempered & laminated, glass guardrails. The guardrails mounted with a taper-loc system. All treads press broken in an “E” shape. A small lip welded to the underside of each tread accommodates a lighting valence.

All steel blackened and protected with oil & wax.

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Technical Drawings