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Location:  Fremont, Seattle, WA

Date: Fall 2019


Design, fabrication, and installation of a rotating periscope that allows shoppers to view the skatepark below. It was designed to recess into a hole cut into the concrete slab floor of the shop. The periscope stands a little over 60″ above ground; fabricated from an 8″ diameter schedule 40 pipe that extends an additional couple feet below the ground. The top of the vertical pipe is welded to shorter pipe at a 90-degree angle to allow for viewing. Below ground, in the skatepark, the vertical pipe is fastened to another pipe with a 107-degree bend. The bottom of the tube has a glass lens cap, and inside there are two mirrors to allow the periscope to function as intended. The “above ground” portion of the periscope features a bronze footrail, knurled bronze hand grips, and four 1/4″ thick bronze plates stacked to create a viewport. Medallions with the EVO logos were affixed to the vertical pipe below the viewport. All steel and bronze blackened with patina and protected with oil and wax.

Design & fabrication of two manhole covers. Covers fabricated from 1/4″ thick steel plate. The 24″ in diameter covers were laser cut with the EVO logos and given chamfered edges. Steel was blackened and protected with oil and wax. The manhole covers were then adhered to the shop floor to allow sound from the skatepark below to echo through.

In 2012, AE also fabricated and installed the exterior steel railings at the shop entrance. The steel was left to rust naturally.

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