Salal Stair 

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Location:  Northgate, Seattle, WA

Date: Summer 2018


Drafting, fabrication, and installation of a glass, wood, & steel, feature staircase. Two flights of stairs with a 5 by 5 1/2 feet landing. The stringers & landing supports fabricated from 8 x 4 inch steel rectangular tube. 1/2″ thick, fabricated tread & riser plates welded to the stringers span the entire underside of the wooden treads. The treads and landing feature laminated walnut with powder coated steel nosings. Approximately 75 feet of walnut handrails with steel brackets & sub cap. 300 square feet of clear, tempered & laminated glass guardrails. Each glass panel with multiple drilled holes for attachment to stringers & handrails.

All wood finished with clear, Australian timber oil and all steel blackened & protected with lacquer (save for the nosings).

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Technical Drawings