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Location:  Belltown, Seattle, WA

Date: Fall 2019


Another massive metal package for AE: Fabrication & installation of over 3,607 total square feet of column covers.  The tallest column, located in the main lobby, is 25 feet tall.  The cladding was fabricated from 12 gauge steel.  Each panel is 13-14 inches wide and a maximum of 10 feet tall with a 1/4 inch reveal between the panels.  All of the panels received a “transparent” original mill-scale finish with a clear coat.

Decorative screens in the café.  The custom-perforated aluminum screens were selected and purchased from Moz Designs in their signature “Mars” gradient. The screens were mounted inside frames fabricated from aluminum angle and rectangular tube. AE color-matched the frames to Moz’s panels.  The framed panels were welded to a top plate and fastened to the floor.

Lobby sliding door. Fabricated from 11 gauge steel with 1 inch circular perforations. The door has three sections– two 42 inch screen sections and one with a solid plate.  The door rolls on a unistrut style track with 3 sets of trolley wheels.  The door was powder coated black.

Pivoting security doors.  Each door is 9 1/2 feet tall and 5 feet wide.  Double-paned screens fabricated from 11 gauge steel with 1 inch circular perforations.  The frames were fabricated from rectangular tube and C-channel and set on a pivot hinge.  The outer faces were powder coated black and the inner faces were hand-painted red during installation.

AE also fabricated several stainless corner & wall guards; aluminum plate wall panels; and 83 perforated, blackened steel stair risers for various locations within the building.

Outside, AE fabricated and installed a playground fence with 3 gates.  6 feet tall and 145 linear feet total, the fence has 77 posts.  The posts were fabricated from hot rolled steel C-channel welded to base plates.  The webbing of the posts feature decorative laser-cut rectangles. The infill was fabricated from steel wire mesh running the full height of the posts. The fence assembly was galvanized and powder coated.

164 linear feet of stainless steel square tube handrails and 24 feet of matching guardrails.  All with a brushed satin finish. 190 feet of handrails and 79 feet of guardrails fabricated from tube steel and powder coated. Stainless steel channel & liners at recessed planters with mill finish. 4 stainless bike-lean rails; and, 32 stainless steel tensioned cables for the lighting system installed under an outdoor covered area.

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