Barkley Village 

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Location:  Barkley Village, Bellingham, WA

Date: Fall 2015 - Present


Several site furnishings designed, fabricated, and installed for the urban village. Products include: S-Bench, Z-Bench, Zishi Bench, Table 23, and trash receptacles. “Droplets” installation art designed, fabricated, and installed by AE. Pink Tree sculpture titled “Constructing a New World” designed by Jacob Dahlgren and fabricated by AE.

S-Bench: Five benches with a single-piece design. Constructed from laser cut and pressed steel plate. Powder coated orange and gray.

Z-Bench: Designed for installation on a supporting wall and constructed from a single-piece. Laser cut and pressed steel plate. Powder coated gray.

Zishi Bench: End pieces with legs and center support plasma cut from steel plate. Round pipe “backbone” and ipe wooden slats. All steel powder coated silver.

Table 23: Modern picnic table constructed from laser cut and pressed steel plate and powder coated.

Trash Receptacles: Enclosure constructed from aluminum sheet and powder coated. Swinging front door from hardwood boards, sanded and finished with protective clear coat.

Droplets: Constructed from steel tank heads and powder coated shades of fuchsia.

Pink Tree: Constructed from aluminum square tube and powder coated pink.

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