McMenamins Antlers 

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Location:  Tacoma, WA

Designer: Architectural Elements

Date: Spring 2019


Steel Elk Antler art piece. Designed, drafted, fabricated, and installed by AE. Fabricated from steel pipe, each tube is custom bent with coped, fully welded, and blended joints. The tubes start at 2 1/2″ in diameter at the elk’s head, decreasing to 1/2″ at the points. The antlers stretch a little over 33 feet wide from tip to tip and 16 1/2 feet tall with the top-most points wrapping around the above balcony guardrails. The structure attaches to the building with standoffs to preserve the antique elk head. The steel was galvanized and painted black.

AE also drafted, fabricated, and installed five steel balconies at this location (three of which can be seen high above the Elk Antlers on the top floor of the building) as well as the custom-stamped, Fleur de Lis decorative roof elements. The Fleur de Lis panels were stamped from galvanized steel and painted bronzed-gold.

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Technical Drawings