Our Founder

Founder - Joe Clark

Joe Clark is a fabricator, entrepreneur, craftsman, and recognized contributor to some of the country’s most innovative architectural projects. Under Joe’s leadership, Architectural Elements has grown from a garage shop into a multi disciplined organization.  From the beginning, Joe has been committed to creating an environment that enables employees to thrive and inspires customers to return. It is with this same commitment to our customers and our employees that today’s leadership focuses on further expanding Architectural Elements’ capabilities.

Meet the Team

Ross Thorson

Project Engineer
AE Team - Ross Thorson

Tim Crandall

General Manager
AE Team - Tim Crandall

Gregory Maniatis

Manufacturing Engineer
AE Team - Gregory Maniatis

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson 1 web

Corey Cross

AE Team - Corey Cross

Jon Rosen

AE Team - Jon Rosen

Eduardo Orue

Project Manager
Eduardo Orue Web 1

Pat Wolken

AE Team - Pat Wolken

Taylour Wargo

Project Engineer
AE Team - Taylour Wargo

Kristina Daeley

Project Engineer
Kristina Daeley Web Norm

Jeff Weber

Project Engineer
AE Team - Jeff

Gian Umemoto

Gian Umemoto-8

Ed Mueller

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Claire Ott

Office Administrator & Accounts Payable
Claire Ott

Sabrina Delzell

Accounts Receivable & Payroll

Kai Bonnell

Shop Foreman
AE Team - Kai Bonnell

Greg Gandy

Lead Fabricator
AE Team - Greg

Brandon Leas

AE Team - Brandon

Joe Wills

Project Manager

Kyle Taylor

AE Team - KT

Ice Rogers

AE Team - Ice

Lahra Miller

AE Team - Lahra

Jake Wild

AE Team - Jake

Jordan Yetter

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Clint Lincoln


Tim Brown


Lea Sklarsky

AE Employee Headshots-06

Poul Holm

AE Employee Headshots-02

Alexander Trendleman

Alexander Trendleman - Web Normal

Ryan Hammer

Ryan Hammer

Grant Wadley

Grant Wadley Web Normal

Our Process 


Consulting & Spec Writing

We help guide your project towards the most efficient method of construction and installation without compromising your desired aesthetics and functionality. We gain insight from every project that passes through our shop: learning through our mistakes and building on our strengths. Every project has its challenges, whether it is schedule, budget, constructability, or all these things. Finding solutions that meet the schedule and stay within budget with as little design compromise as possible is our ultimate goal. We strive to identify all pitfalls upfront to avoid potential change orders, delays, mistakes, and compromises. When given the opportunity to get involved early, we give real time advice on cost drivers and constructability allowing us to quickly take concepts to buildable designs in one or two sessions as opposed to weeks or months of redesign. We have mechanical & structural engineers and architecture graduates in-house to assist in design consultation and spec writing. We love challenges and problem-solving. This is a process we truly enjoy.


Sales & Estimating 

Our Sales & Estimation departments seek to understand your specific needs and use that information to build highly detailed quotations. We do not offer bottom-line, lump sum pricing. Every item has a thorough description of scope, materials, and approach with its own line item for fabrication and installation. We automatically offer alternatives if we see an opportunity. We seldom wait for the VE round to suggest better or cheaper options. If any information is missing from plans or specifications, we engage the architect, visit the job site, or utilize our experience to present options suited to your budget and design intent. We approach every bid as if we are going to be awarded the project. We submit very few change orders on projects, and our quotations are reliable from the budgeting stage to project award.


Drafting & Engineering 

Our Drafting & Engineering team creates everything from simple submittal drawings to fully engineered, technical fabrication drawings. We are adept at problem-solving. Difficult designs such as kinetic structures and automated gizmos are part of our core skillset. Our drafters primarily work in SolidWorks to produce 3D models and shop drawings for the overall concept all the way down to the smallest parts and fasteners. If the situation necessitates it, we are likewise proficient in AutoCAD, Tekla, Rhino, Revit, SketchUp, and Adobe suite. Our clients have found such value in our drafting department, that we also offer customized, turnkey drafting packages, independent from our fabrication services.

Project Management 

The principle advocates for your project’s success are our teams of Project Managers and Project Engineers. Every project is assigned a PM ensuring you have a single point of contact as your project progresses. Each PM is assigned a PE, and they collaborate to meet your project’s requirements, budget, & timeline while sourcing materials & vendors. Effective communication is our PM/PE teams’ core competency: We never hesitate to pick up the phone. Our project managers solve problems all day, every day. In an industry where putting out fires is standard, our PM/PE teams are adept at predicting problems before they arise and adapting to change. The backbone of our project management culture is honesty: we communicate clearly & often, learn from our mistakes, and strive for perfection. These teams are problem-solvers by trade and are active participants in ensuring your project’s success.



A unique intersection of industrial trades, art, and craftsmanship: Fabrication is the backbone of our company. AE draws fabricators that seek out challenging and unpredictable work. Our group of fabricators are curious and driven as well as technically excellent at their trade. This crew can manipulate any metal or alloy, wood, glass, and more. We are also skilled at many types of finishes including patination. We have exceptional in-house capabilities as well as a vetted network of specialty contractors. Seeking to expand our capabilities, AE purchased a modern machine shop in early 2020, allowing for accelerated production & delivery of precision machined parts for our project assemblies.



Safety is our absolute priority. We come up with many creative solutions, but we will never compromise on the safety of our teams and those we work with. Our installation teams are regularly doing the impossible. We built a massive, 6,000-pound, feature staircase; cut it up into little pieces; fit it into a freight elevator; and installed it on the 17th floor of a skyscraper. We do this a few times per month. This is just what we do, and we love it. Every successful install starts with a good survey. We take responsibility for the quality and success of our installed products. We are qualified for union or non-union installs anywhere in the United States.