Whatcom Hospice 


Location:  Bellingham, WA

Date: Fall 2010


Fabricated & installed a floral sculptural wall from laser-cut steel. The sculpture is about 20’ long by 5’ tall and about 8” thick. The organic shapes were cut from 1/4” thick steel and rolled into a compounding curve shape.

Whatcom Hospice Foundation reached out to us to create a “donor wall” sculpture for their landscape. The Foundation gave us broad latitude in submitting concepts. The key parameter was to create a sculpture that could accommodate the regular addition of plaques with donor messages, while looking like a complete art piece regardless of the number of mounted plaques. Joe, our owner, had an idea to create an organic structure within a geometric shape— a “confined organic structure.” The shape of the wall was to be curved and tapered, adapting and conforming to the slope of the landscape. We commissioned a sketch artist, whom drew the organic shapes and forms freehand, and worked with the artist to submit the design as an initial concept. The Foundation eagerly approved the designs. We took the sketch concept and scanned it into the computer to create digital cut files. Those cut files were used to laser cut the metal. We then rolled the curve shape we envisioned and joined the two mirrored sides with matching organic elements. The steel was left raw to weather naturally over time. We also laser cut hundreds of bronze leaves, applied with patina, and gave them a protective coating of wax. The Foundations donor’s can get a leaf engraved to memorialize a loved one in hospice care. We regularly install new leaves on the structure, coordinating with Whatcom Hospice and the engraving company on an on-going basis.

In Production