Trailbend Taproom 

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Tap List Armature with Library-Style Ladder. Armature frame is 19’8″ wide by 6’4″ tall. Its perimeter fabricated from 5″ x 5″ x 3/8″ steel angle. The armature mounts to blocking in the wall. The top of the frame features a track for the ladder. The ladder fabricated with flat bar posts and its rungs from steel round bar. The ladder includes pads to allow for smooth sliding action and an L-handle spring lock at its base to keep it in place when unused. Steel blackened & protected with lacquer.

Bent Plate Booth Seating. Two single-sided and one double-sided booth seats. 4 feet wide and fabricated from 1/4″ thick bent plate. Blackened and protected with oil & wax.

Hanging Kitchen Shelf. 6’2″ wide, 6’4″ tall, and 1’2″ deep, the shelves were fabricated from 1/2″ diameter steel round stock and hun from the ceiling truss with brackets. The shelving unit features perforated siding finished in “warm steel.” The rest of the fixture was blackened and protected with lacquer.

Lighting fixture at Bar. 19’8″ wide and 1 1/2 feet tall & deep, the fixture is suspended from the ceiling with four 3/8″ diameter round bars. The fixture built from plywood, its top and sides clad in 16 gauge steel plate. Five, 8 inch diameter light shades hang from the fixture, fabricated from 11 gauge perforated steel. The fixture was blackened and protected with lacquer while the perforated shades feature a “warm steel” finish.

We fabricated & installed several other steel elements at the bar back, including cladding surrounding the beer tap, corner trim, and more “warm steel” perforated plate for the cabinet doors.

All wood & electrical by others.

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