Hot Cakes Order Sign 

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Illuminated, brass ordering sign and control box. A decorative yet functional “now serving” sign designed by Architectural Elements. The 4-sided sign is essentially a square tube, about 8 1/3 feet tall and about 8.5 inches deep & wide. Constructed primarily of brass to match the client’s antique interior motif. Each illuminated section is about 3 3/4″ wide by 2″ tall. Plexiglass with black vinyl numbers epoxied to the inside of the structure. Each section/number wired with white LEDs. The sign was then mounted to a corner of one of the shop’s interior walls. Behind the serving station is a control box. Constructed from mild steel, the box features buttons to illuminate each individual number on the sign. All wiring also completed by Architectural Elements.

In Production

Technical Drawings