8th & Howell Hotel 

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Location:  Downtown, Seattle, WA

Date: Summer 2018


Fabrication and installation of 39 pedestrian lighting elements and 11 matching bollards. Fabricated from 1/2″ thick stainless steel flat bar with a fine brush finish. Electrical elements & grouting by others.

Fabrication of 276 feet of parking screens and installation at various ground-level locations. Fabricated from cold-rolled steel with a square pattern, perforated infill. Bead blasted and clear powder coated.

Fabrication of five, portable planter boxes and two large planter boxes. Each smaller box is 24x24x24″ with a slot at the bottom for drainage. One of the larger boxes is 6x10x2 feet and the other is 6x14x2 feet. Both of the larger planters included brackets for bench seating. The boxes are complete welded units, fabricated from 1/2″ thick stainless steel plate, bead blasted, and powder coated clear. Three matching utility boxes were installed on the 8th floor along with these benches.

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