520 Pike 

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Client:  520 Pike Tower

Location:  Downtown, Seattle, WA

Date: Winter 2018


Main entry exterior & interior (not pictured) canopies. Exterior canopy 28 feet long and 12 feet deep. Constructed from 3/8″ steel plate in most areas with 1″ steel vertical mounting plates at the concrete beam and 1/2″ vertical plate “upside-down-T fins” running along the surface. Exterior canopy constructed from four plates and seamed with “upside-down-T” gussets. Installation required shutting down a lane of Seattle’s busy Pike Street. The canopy was hoisted with a crane and installed with eighteen bolts through the concrete header. Stainless steel address numbers atop canopy and on building exterior installed at a later date.

Canopy top-coat paint and lighting by others.

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Technical Drawings