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We can't share too much about this project. But AE had the honor of being able to produce some amazing lighting elements to a beautiful mega yaght. With such high detail needing to be met the project was truly a challenege. But like most things we do here at AE we could not refuse such a unique and fun opportunity. If you are every in the Mediterranean Sea or the United Arab Emirates you just might see an Architectural Elements product.

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Jacob Dahlgren is one of a kind. A renowned artist with a unique and unparalleled style. AE got the opportunity to help create one of his many masterpieces. This 17-foot tall aluminum tree scuplture is truly amazing. 

Attention to detail is an understatement when it comes to a tree like this. Not only is aluminum a more difficult element to work with it creates its own set of challenges. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come. Check back soon to see the finished work.

To learn more about Jacob Dahlgren visit http://www.jacobdahlgren.com

Charles Smith FEAT

Charles Smith Wines Georgetown Trailer from Charles Smith Wines on Vimeo.


Charles Smith Wines Georgetown Trailer from Charles Smith Wines on Vimeo.

A one-of-a-kind winemaker needs a one of a kind estabilishment. This project is curretly in production and wow is all we have to say. Charles Smith decided to go with an Olsen Kundig designed project executed by Foushee consturction. This combo has every detailed covered. Might we just tell you this stair case is quite the beast. Weighing in at over 13,000 pounds we are excited to show you the finished product. Stay tuned for our video documenting this build...

Charles Smith Wines : http://www.charlessmithwines.com/

treehouse masters drl

When we got the call from Pete Nelson (who is Pete Nelson, for the readers), you could say excited was an understatement. These projects are just really cool projects to work on and they allow AE and our team to really be able to express themselves in a childhood manner. I mean everyone wanted a treehouse as a kid right?

Take a look at this behind the scenes clip from our episode on TreeHouse Masters

Thank you Pete Nelson for involving us in on this cool project. Please make sure to visit http://www.nelsontreehousesupply.com to explore treehouse options



Tite Blog


Architectural Elements Launches TiTE Design. With an in-house design team it allows AE to stay on the cutting edge of product design. It will also allow your company to expand into new markets and offer premier services from one of the most creative groups of people in the Pacific Northwest.

What TiTE can offer your company:

TiTE Design promises that your experience with us will be a memorable one. The moment you walk through our doors, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that you came to the right place. Our main goal is to improve people's lives and lifestyles through design and what better person to start with than you, the client.  Our business is not based on spreadsheets; it’s based on creativity and a willingness to explore the uncomfortable. The result of using TiTE will be something of true, irreplacable value.

Learn more about us by visiting our website www.TiTEDesign.com

Stag Knives Blog


TiTE Design & AE teamed up with Silver Stag to help them create there first  folding knife. Silver Stag is know for there high quality domestically produced High Carbon Steel. Authentic North American antler is built into every design. The finished knives are stunningly attractive, incredibly functional, and extremely durable. SILVER STAG is the only brand in the world manufactured exclusively by hand from domestically produced high carbon tool steels and North American shed antler, including authentic hand forged Damascus steel blades.

Visit SilverStag to grab your blade: www.silverstag.com

The folding Knife will be launching into full production in the coming months.



Storyville A


AE had the privilage of building some cool detailed elements for Storyville Coffee. Storyville Coffee offers up a one-of-a-kind coffee experence. With every detail taken into account, AE fabricated the signage, fireplaces and furnishings along with some custom detailed elements.

Architectural Elements pays attention to all of the details. Just the kind of company that makes our jobs here at AE better and better. We might add they have an awesome cup of Joe. To learn more about Storyville visit them at http://www.storyville.com/



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Designed by Tite Design & manuactured by Architectural Elements. The Solo Stool took an intrest for the one of the elite hard wood furnutture manufacterer Urban Hardwoods.

The Solo Stool bring a new level of class and elegance to seating. With its unique one piece bent approach, the stool has a seemless design. With no visibile welds its a wonder how it was even put togther. The Solo Stool is available for purchase at 3 Urban Hardwoods locations.

You may order the Solo Stool online or in the stores at www.urbanhardwoods.com