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The Adarna has featured the Faraday Cage Built by Architectural Elements in their new music video.

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The Adarna - Superman (Official Music Video)! Special thanks to Epiphone, Spark: Museum of Electrical Invention, and Avast Productions! #‎theadarna??#‎jetcityrock??#‎superman?

The Adarna's music video for 'Superman' from the album How Perceptive - available now by Soundgate Records. DOWNLOAD THROUGH ITUNES:

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Architectural Elements Builds a one-of-a-kind Faraday Cage


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BELLINGHAM, WA. June 17, 2015 -- Would you ever consider strapping yourself to a table as 4 million volts of electricity strikes down inches from your face? That’s what the death-defying metal fabricators at Architectural Elements did after completing their Faraday Cage. It is a one-of-a-kind metal enclosure that gives users the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with more than 4 million volts of electricity--and live to tell about it.

Throughout the past century, famous magicians and performers have used Faraday Cages in conjunction with Tesla coils for spectacular electrifying performances. David Blaine, for instance, has used a Tesla coil in many of his shows, and the same Tesla coil used in this project was once owned by Chris Angel of Mindfreak. Penn from Penn & Teller absolutely loved the Faraday Cage after seeing it while on tour in Bellingham, Washington. The cage is also featured in an upcoming music video. This video follows the building of Architectural Elements’ Faraday Cage, a tribute to the golden age of electricity. It is currently installed at the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention located in Bellingham, Washington
Architectural Element’s Faraday Cage enclosure was hand-formed from a conductive, stamped steel mesh. This mesh allows electricity to flow safely around the individual inside the cage. Achieving the look and feel of the completed cage required inventive mechanical design; AE’s staff designed the project to be reminiscent of both Jules Verne and Frankenstein with timeless architectural details. Achieving these details required a ceaseless attention to detail as is evident in the finished design. Solid head rivets, accurate involute gear tooth geometry, 3D printed bronze logo and specifically designed brass details, manually distressed reclaimed fir, sculpted hexagonal mesh, expert patination, hand crafted leather work, and a thousand other details went into the creation of this masterpiece. These details taken individually are insignificant but as a package turn heads and demands distinction in any setting.

“It was great to have a project where our staff was able to flex their design and fabrication muscles and make it exactly the way we wanted it,” said AE owner Joe Clark. 


AE is developing a planter box with an internal illumination option. This would serve not only as a beautiful element to any porch, walkway or garden but also allow you to have a lit path in the process. We appreciate any feedback on this project. If you have any suggestions or ideas on patterns or styles you would desire please let us know. Things like color, finish, size, patterns, plant types etc...


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Memorial wall mockup


Architectural Elements teams up with the armed forces to create a one of a kind expierence. Sure you can just stick a flag pole in the ground. But the armed forces had better plans. So AE teamed up to come up with a design that not only captures every branch of military but also brings them all together. It was an honor to work on such a great project and we hope to do many more in the future.

Just in time for summer! AE creates a custom copper arbor & firepit.


Copper Arbor


Copper Firepit

Tite leg blog


Simple yet functional explains the Tite Leg. This simple design allows you to clamp the leg to varying size table tops. With the ever changing landscape of todays furniture style you can now take any boring slab of material and create a functional piece of furniture.

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The big question is how do you take something that is simple and make it elegant. Simple things like bottle openers just need a facelift one occassion. So the team at TiTe Design & AE created a one of a kind bottle opening expierence. Although this creation is not quite ready to launch. We are excited to keep you on the edge of your seat for this one.

Hanna Blog


Architectural Elements recieved the honor of building a one of a kind bench for a one of a kind person.

Thank you for the inspiration Hannah RIP - AE


Squalicum High students remember their classmate Hannah Dashiell at an informal memorial Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, in the parking lot of the Bellingham Barkley Haggen grocery store where she worked. Hannah died in a traffic accident Sunday morning.

BELLINGHAM - Friends and classmates of a Squalicum High School senior who died in a car crash Sunday, Jan. 5, said the school will not be the same without her smiling in the halls.

Friends talked fondly about Hannah Dashiell's smile and her optimistic outlook Monday, as they gathered to remember the 17-year-old at a lunch-time tailgating event in her honor in the Barkley Haggen parking lot. She worked at the store and always had a cheerful wave for fellow students who stopped by.

"She was always so happy and nice and considerate, and she never judged anyone," friend and fellow senior Jessica King said. "The world is going to be worse without her."