It was a true honor for Architectural Elements to have the opportunity to help welcome Charles Smith & Charles Smith Wines west of the mountains.

A big thanks goes out to Olson Kundig Architects & Foushee Construction for allowing us to build this one-of-a kind staircase among many other beautful elements at the winery. We are truly grateful and humbled by such an honor.

"I love the staircase, it really makes a statement right when you walk in the front door" - Charles Smith (Owner of Charles Smith Wines)


Charles Smith Wines Jet City

Located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, this expansive, one-of-a-kind winery occupies the space that was formerly a Dr. Pepper bottling plant. Guests are invited to experience Charles Smith's wines while listening to music and enjoying a view of the main runways of Boeing Field along with the iconic profile of Washington's Mount Rainier. Charles Smith Wines Jet City features two tasting rooms: the main floor is designed with a rustic Northwest feel, and the larger upstairs space exudes an early 60's vibe, with a nod to the aviation industry.

Charles Smith Wines Jet City
1136 S Albro Place
Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: 206-745-7456


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