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Eight flights of blackened steel stairs. Although our video only shows the six flights between levels 6 and 12, we fabricated & installed the stairs from level 4 to 6 as well. Each stair has two continuous strings from landing to lower stair fabricated from 10 x 4 x 1/2″ steel rectangular tube. The risers fabricated from 3/16″ thick, press broken, hot rolled steel plate. The stairs have removable bottom plates and some of them, landing floor plates with matching handrails. The guardrails fabricated from steel bar grating. Each three foot panel attached with standoffs to 2 x 2″ solid square posts and top rail caps. Lining the top of the guardrails are LED lighting coves fabricated from steel angle. AE manufactured and delivered 725 feet of reclaimed fir handrails to fasten atop steel flat bar rails and 134 reclaimed fir treads with steel nosings. All steel blackened and finished with oil & wax. All wood oiled to finish before being site-fit and installed by others.

AE visited again in 2019 to install yet another flight of stairs (not pictured here).

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